Monday, January 30, 2012

Weather Science Stations!

So last week I was adventurous.  Not only did I make 5 stations for my ELA block, but I also tried my hand at some of them in Science, too.  One station was listening to a podcast and taking GAP notes "The Test" prep.  Another station was exploring and looking at different weather maps, patterns, predictions across the globe.  Another station was a review activity for vocabulary we have been working on...again, some hidden practice for "The Test."

This was another station:
 Students used 5 blank US maps and the back pages of the newspapers over the past 5 days to practice drawing in the fronts moving West to East across the country!

The final station was a favorite.  I had these cute face stickers and students made 4 Square illustrations of how to keep yourself safe in case of hazardous weather (Tornado, Hurricane, Thunderstorm, Snow Storm).  They came out so stinkin' cute!


  1. I love this!! Do you have a copy of this? I also adore the Predict the Hurricane Activity above! :)

  2. Melissa! Thanks for the message. What were you looking for a copy of? I'd love to send you anything you need in order to do these activities if I have them on hand!


  3. I am very interested in weather statation copies if you have them.