Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting Into Groups!

Awesome day.  This is how we spent our science period.  We just started sitting in groups today.  After discussing our break, organizing our lab notebooks and then brainstorming what we like, I had them, as a group, brainstorm team names.  They then created a poster that goes along with it (Hint SBBLARY stands for the first letters in four of the kids' names S,B,B,L, and the -ARY stands for part of the 5th student's name).  Structuring it in this way (think of what you like before brainstorming as a group) really alleviates some of the major headaches.  Since I teach 3 sections, each table has 3 posters hanging from the ceiling, one for every group that sits there.  The kids had a BLAST.  Apparently kids these days have a big obsession with waffles, money and socks.  Literally, 6 groups or more used those same key terms.  Anyway, as long as they enjoyed themselves.  It's cute, plus I like things hanging from the ceiling.  Between the groups and the signs, it feels much less institutional.  :)

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