Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paper Towel Problems: Solved!

Here's a post brought to you by my most recent, #1 obsession, Pinterest. :)

So I was on Pinterest and found a link to here where a teacher created a sign for her paper towel dispenser which encouraged students to get the paper towels in the trash can.  You can find it here: Art Teacher Adventures

Anyway, I decided to make one of my own and jazz it up to match the room a bit more.  I didn't have a huge problem with kids not getting paper towels in the trash because my kiddos are pretty responsible, but I figured a friendly (& fun!) reminder wouldn't hurt:

Here you have it folks!

I also have the PowerPoint (with directions) for my Hurricane Tracker post!  I will find a way to get it uploaded and online if anyone is interested, let me know!!!

Peace, Love, Science.

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