Saturday, December 10, 2011


Welcome to "Sixth Grade Science Rocks!" which is my new blog dedicated to teaching Science.  I wish I had started this sooner since I now missed showcasing our Oreo Phases of the Moon and our Lego Wind Erosion Buildings.  But anyway, I decided what better time than to start now.  So for today, all I have is my new idea of how to keep track of what students need in their lab journals.  We are keeping a running list each 1/2 quarter on which labs are needed.  Then, when I collect them for a grade, I (and the kiddos!) know EXACTLY what should be in there!

Check out the adorable little water droplet one of my kids made for me!  :-)


  1. Hi Ms. D.

    Oh My! I am really looking forward to reading your posts on this blog, because my science lessons this year have been abysmal.
    I need to teach erosion next quarter... Would you consider sharing the Lego activity?

    How fun--I get to talk to you on TWO sites.
    Good for you--and brave too!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Hi Kim! I'd love to share the Lego lesson, I will do a post on it! I know what you mean about science lessons...I assume you are teaching Earth Science? Is this your first year? This is my first year in Science and it has definitely been a learning experience. There are already so many things I would love to change! Keep in touch!